Our platens use patented technology, providing superior performance and uniform heating. NANO-MASTER platens are RF biasable, water-cooled, and temperature controlled with models ranging from 300°C to 700°C. Heights are adjustable in certain platens and substrate can be turned with no wires or leads are in the vacuum side. There is no shorting or arcs because all leads, thermocouples and water lines are kept in atmosphere. NANO-MASTER platens can be directly installed into your system.

Different models allow for different temperature limits:

  • NM-LTP - Low Temperature Platen heatable up to 300°C
  • NM-MTP - Mid Temperature Platen heatable up to 500°C
  • NM-HTP - High Temperature Platen heatable up to 700°C
RIE Platen

Low Temperature Platen

RIE Chamber

Mid Temperature Platen

RIE Dual System

High Temperature Platen