PECVD Systems

NANO-MASTER's PECVD systems are capable of depositing high quality SiO2, Si3N4, CNT, DLC or SiC films. Depending on application, RF showerhead, Hollow Cathode, ICP or Microwave plasma sources can be used. The platen can accomodate up to 8" wafers and can be biased with RF, Pulsed DC or DC while being heated up to 800°C resistively or with IR lamps. The chamber is evacuated to 5x10-7 Torr pressure range using 250 l/sec turbo molecular pump backed with 5 cfm mechanical pump. The system utilizes LabVIEW PC control for full automation.

  • 13" Al chamber or 14" SS cube chamber
  • 5x10-7 Torr base pressure attained with turbo pumping package
  • Plasma sources: RF showerhead, ICP, hollow cathode and microwave
  • Gas ring for precursors and gases
  • Platen: 200°C to 800°C, rotating, biasable with RF, low frequency RF, DC, and pulsed DC
  • MFC's with electropolished gas lines and pneumatic shut-off valves
  • Fully automated PC based, recipe driven
  • LabVIEW user interface
  • EMO protection and safety interlocks
  • ICP source for high density plasma
  • Substrate Pulsed DC bias
  • Substrate LF bias for film stress control
  • Rotating platen for coating 3D parts
  • Auto Load/Unload
  • Dry Pump
  • Bubblers for Organo-metallics with heated gas lines
  • Gas box for toxics gases with toxic gas monitors
  • End point detection
  • Various dopants (PH3, B2H6)
  • Encapsulation, isolation
  • Photonic structures
  • DLC's coating
  • CNT's - Memory devices
  • Surface passivation layer - Solar cells
  • Graphene - Nano scale electronics
PECVD Uniformity Data
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