Single Wafer Cleaning

SWC-4000 Cleaner


Single Wafer Cleaning Systems

NANO-MASTERS’s Single Wafer Cleaners (SWC) focus on providing the best possible cleaning capability while maintaining affordability. A standard system is configured with clean, chemical clean, brush clean, high RPM spin dry with IR heating and N2 flow. Patented megasonic nozzle movement assures uniform delivery of megasonic energy; therefore, at any point on the surface, energy delivered can be kept below damage threshold.

  • 12" OD, 7" x 7" substrates
  • Table top unit
  • Venturi powered vacuum
  • Damage free megasonic
  • Independent chemical dispenses
  • Spin dry with heated N2
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Chemical dispense unit
  • Safety interlocks
  • 19”x26” footprint
  • PVA brush cleaning (100 RPM)
  • Post CMP brush cleaning (up to 400 RPM)
  • Nitrogen ionizer
  • CO2 inject with DIW resistivity monitor
  • FM4910 Materials
  • Four 3.8L HDPE canisters
  • Stand alone unit
  • Dual drain for acids and solvents
  • Suck back valves to prevent drips
  • Back side DIW clean and dry
  • In-line heaters for DIW or chemicals
  • Fill sensors for chemical or DIW leaks
  • Patterned and unpatterned masks and wafers
  • Ge, GaAs and InP wafer cleaning
  • Post CMP wafer cleaning
  • Cleaning of diced chips on wafer frame
  • Cleaning after plasma etch or photoresist stripping
  • Mask blanks or contact mask cleaning
  • Cleaning of X-ray and EUV masks
  • Optical lens cleaning
  • Cleaning of ITO coated display panels
  • Megasonic assisted lift-off process
Single Wafer Data

Single Wafer Cleaning Data

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SWC-4000 Pelliclized Cleaning


SWC-4000 Top


SWC-4000 Pelliclized Cleaning