E-Beam Evaporating System

NEE-4000 E-Beam System


E-Beam Systems

The Electron Beam Evaporation System is available in two different configurations. A compact vertical dual chamber configuration features a 14" cube main chamber where the platen is located, and underneath the main chamber a secondary chamber is provided for housing the e-beam source. This configuration can be provided with a gate valve between the two chambers to be used as a load lock to keep the e-beam source and the evaporation pockets in vacuum while substrates are loaded and unloaded from the main chamber. For applications where automatic loading and unloading of wafers are needed, a third load lock chamber is attached to the left face of the cube for another load lock. In this case, the main chamber can be kept at low 10-7 Torr range at all times and evaporation can start just a few minutes after loading the wafer. The second configuration features a single large chamber design that allows e-beam evaporation guns, magnetrons, and thermal evaporation mounted onto the baseplate. In this configuration coating of mulitple wafers are possible using planetary substrate holder.

NANO-MASTER offers combinatorial evaporation system using substrate masking and computer controlled evaporation rates for individual e-beam evaporators

  • Electropolished 14” cubical or 21”x21”x22” 304L SS chamber
  • 5x10-7 Torr base pressure attained with turbomolecular pumping package
  • 4x 15cc pocket E-gun
  • Source and substrate shutters
  • 6kW and 10kW switching power supply
  • Automatic pocket indexing
  • Programmable sweep controller
  • 26” x 44” footprint with SS panels for Class 100 cleanrooms
  • Quartz crystal thickness sensor
  • Substrate rotation
  • LabVIEW user interface
  • EMO protection and safety interlocks
  • Substrate heating up to 800°C or cooling
  • Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) with rotation
  • Planetary substrate holder
  • Substrate RF/DC bias
  • Dual e-beam source for co-evaporation
  • Ion source for substrate cleaning and ion assisted evaporation
  • Additional PVD sources (thermal, sputtering)
  • MFC’s for reactive evaporation
  • Automatic load/unload
  • Lift Off
  • Optical Coatings
  • Thin Film Transistors
  • Active CIGS layer
  • Josephson Junctions
NEE-4000 Dual Gun


NEE-4000 HK Platen


NEE-4000 Housing