Wet Cleaning

NANO-MASTER Megasonic Single Wafer and Mask Cleaners provide reproducible, uniform and state-of-art megasonic cleaning. We incorporate patented damage free megasonic cleaning, chemical cleaning, brush cleaning and drying in one process step.

To achieve maximum cleaning optimization without substrate damage, the megasonic energy density must be kept slightly below the damage threshold at any point on the sample. NANO-MASTER’s patented technology assures uniform distribution of the acoustic energy across the entire surface of the substrate allowing ideal cleaning by maximizing the distributed energy while staying below the sample’s damage threshold.

Depending on the application, certain options will further enhance the tool’s ability to remove unwanted particles and residues.

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Dry Cleaning

NANO-MASTER Plasma Ashing and Cleaning Systems are designed to meet a wide range of needs from wafer resist stripping to surface modification of batch as single wafer loads. They are PC controlled systems with various plasma sources, heated and unheated substrate holders and unique ability to switch from plasma etch to RIE etch modes.

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