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Atomic Layer Deposition Systems

The NLD-4000 is a stand alone PC controlled ALD system which is fully automated and safety-interlocked having capabilities to deposit oxides and nitrides (e.g. AlN, GaN, TaN, TiN, Al2O3, ZrO2, LaO2, HfO2) for Semiconductor, Photovoltaic and MEMS applications. It has a 13" aluminum reaction chamber with heated walls and a pneumatically lifted top for easy chamber access. The system features an onboard glovebox which can accomodate an array of up to seven heated or cooled 50cc cylinders for precursors and reactants incorporating fast-pulse delivery valves for pulsed gas input. Unreacted precursors can be captured with a heated filter on the chamber exhaust port. Recipes, temperature setpoints, gas flows, pump-down and vent cycles, and the flushing of delivery lines are all controlled automatically via LabVIEW software. Options include automatic load/unload (without changing system footprint), Planar ICP source with remote plasma for Plasma Enhanced ALD (Planar ICP geometry maintains a small reaction chamber volume for faster cycle times), and turbo-molecular pump for lower base pressures.

  • Less than 1Å uniformity
  • 13" anodized Al chamber
  • Minimal volume for fast cycle time and throughput
  • Up to 8" substrate
  • Heated chamber walls
  • 400°C substrate heater
  • Onboard precursor glovebox
  • Up to seven 50cc precursor cylinders
  • 300 l/sec maglev turbomolecular pumping package
  • 5×10-7 torr base pressure
  • Fast pulse gas delivery valves
  • Large area filter to capture unreacted precursors
  • Large area filter to capture unreacted precursors
  • High aspect ratio structure coating
  • Fully automated PC based, recipe driven
  • LabVIEW user interface
  • Computer controlled safety interlocks
  • 26"x44" footprint with enclosed panels ideal for clean rooms
  • Downstream planar inductively coupled remote plasma source for PE-ALD process
  • Auto load/unload
  • Additional precursors
  • High-k dielectrics
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • Passivation layer
  • High aspect ratio diffusion barriers for Cu interconnects
  • Conformal coatings for micro fluidics applications
  • Fuel cells, e.g. single metal coating for catalyst layers
ALD Data

ALD Data

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