Pelliclized and Unpelliclized Reticle Cleaning Systems

The LSC-5000 is NANO-MASTER's latest reticle cleaner with state-of-art technology and functionality. With automatic robotic reticle load/unload, the LSC-5000 fully automates the cleaning process allowing a precise, uniform, and repeatable cleaning.

The LSC-5000 is capable of cleaning both the backside and the alignment marks on the front side of pelliclized masks, reducing the need for unnecessary removal and re-pelliclization of these masks. Megasonic cleaning and spin drying of the full front surface of the pelliclized mask is conducted without damage and seepage condensation on the pellicle. It is also capable of removing pellicle frame mounting adhesive and preparing surfaces for re-pelliclization.

    Two dual dispense arms:
  • Linear arm provides uniform cleaning of front side alignment marks for pelliclized reticles
  • Radial arm provides megasonic DIW cleaning with uniform energy for back side cleaning
    Pelliclized reticles clean:
  • Reticle is mounted face down on the chuck and the back side is cleaned with the radial arm. Reticle is then dried, picked up and flipped. The pellicle protection cup is mounted onto the front side and the alignment marks are then cleaned with the megasonic DIW, brush and chemical dispense using the linear drive arm. Then chuck is rotated 180° and other side is cleaned. The reticle is dried and the protection cup is removed. Reticle loaded to SMIF box automatically
  • Robotic Loading/Unloading with EFEM and SMIF Interface
  • Large Environmental Chamber
  • Damage Free Megasonic
  • Independent Chemical Dispenses
  • Variable Speed Brush with Chemical Dispense
  • PC Controlled with LabVIEW Software
  • Touchscreen User Interface
  • Datalogging
  • Separate Drains for Solvents and Acids
  • Safety Interlocks and Alarm
  • Bulk Fill Chemical Delivery Module
  • Nitrogen Ionizer and CO2 Injector
  • Piranha Cleaning
  • Ozonated DI Water (20ppm of O3)
  • High Pressure DI Water
  • Heated DI Water
  • Mask Blanks
  • Pelliclized Reticles
  • Un-Pelliclized Reticles
  • Contact Masks
Download Pelliclized and Unpelliclized Reticle Cleaning System Brochure
LSC-5000 Chamber


LSC-5000 Barcode Reading


LSC-5000 reticle cleaner with automatic load/unload