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NTE-3500 - Thermal Evaporator System


Thermal Evaporation Systems

NANO-MASTER’s NTE-3000 is a PC controlled tabletop Thermal Evaporation system with a wide range of applications in organic and metal evaporation. It is a 2kVA system utilizing SCR circuitry for accurate temperature control which is crucial when evaporating organic materials. It is designed with extreme care to achieve clean, uniform, and reproducible processes on a small footprint. It provides low cost, high quality capabilities for demanding applications in R&D and low scale manufacturing.

The NTE-4000 is a stand alone version of the NTE-3000 thermal evaporator system allowing more room for additional options such as various chamber sizes, substrate cleaning and cooling, co-evaporation, and sputtering capabilities.

  • 12" Bell Jar / Cylindrical 10" SS / Cubical 14" SS chamber
  • Up to 7"x7" plates and 200mm wafers
  • Two evaporation sources
  • Water cooled feedthrus
  • Solid state switching for sequential evaporation
  • SCR circuitry for accurate control
  • Individual source and substrate shutters
  • Cross contamination shields
  • Quartz crystal thickness sensor
  • Twist lock mechanism for easy substrate holder load/unload
  • Substrate rotation
  • Closed loop evaporation control
  • Fully automated PC based, recipe driven
  • LabVIEW user interface
  • EMO protection and safety interlocks
  • Substrate heating up to 800°C or chilled wafer cooling
  • Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) with rotation
  • Planetary substrate holder
  • Additional power module for co-evaporation
  • Additional evaporation sources up to six
  • RF/DC bias
  • Ion source for substrate cleaning
  • Magnetron source for sputtering
  • MFCs for reactive sputtering/evaporation
  • Automatic load/unload
  • Various pumping options including cryo pumping stations
  • Metallization in IC interconnects
  • Metal contact layer in CIGS Applications
  • Organics Field Effect Transistors
  • Perovskite solar cells applications
  • OLED
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