Atomic Layer Deposition is an important technique for depositing thin films for a variety of applications. ALD is able to meet the needs for precise thickness control and conformal deposition in high aspect ratio structures to a level that far exceeds other deposition techniques. The nature of the sequential, self-limiting surface reactions in ALD produces a non statistical deposition because the randomness of the precursor flux is not a factor. As a result, ALD films remain extremely smooth, continuous, and pin-hole free allowing for excellent film properties. ALD processing can also be scaled to very large substrates.

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NANO-MASTER, Inc. has developed the first Table Top Plasma Assisted Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (PA-MOCVD) system for InGaN and AlGaN deposition processes. The features include five bubblers with individual cooling baths, heated gas lines, 950°C platen, three gas rings, RF plasma source with Shower Head Gas Distribution and N2 flush at the end of the process, 5 10-7 Torr base pressure, 250 l/sec turbo pump with oil-free scroll pump, PC controlled, fully automated and safety interlocked.

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