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NANO-MASTER’s NRE-4000 is a stand alone Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) system with showerhead gas distribution and water cooled RF platen. It has a stainless steel cabinet and a 13" cylindrical aluminum chamber that opens from the top for wafer loading. It can accept up to 8" (200 mm) wafers. The chamber has two ports, one with a 2" window the other with a blank off for diagnostic equipment such end point detection. The chamber is extremely clean in design and reaches a base pressure in the 5x10-7Torr range or lower depending on the pumping package. It can be operated in the pressure range of 20mTorr to 8Torr. The standard pumping package has a 250 l/sec corrosive turbomolecular pump, sieve filter, and a 10cfm PFPE prepared backing pump. The RF power is provided by 600W 13.5MHz power supply, and an auto-tuner. The substrate DC bias is continuously monitored and reaches as high as -500V, which is important for anisotropic etching. The system is PC controlled recipe driven giving maximum flexibility to user while maintaining high reproducibility. Single wafer and cassette to cassette auto load/unload are available.

  • 13” aluminum hard anodized chamber
  • Showerhead gas distribution
  • Up to 200mm substrates
  • MFC’s with SS gas lines
  • DC Bias: up to -500V self bias, up to -1000V external bias
  • Automatic pressure control
  • 600W RF power supply with auto tuner
  • Water cooled or heated (400°C) platen
  • 250l/sec corrosive turbomolecular pump with suitable backing pump
  • Fully automated PC based, recipe driven
  • LabVIEW user interface
  • Fully safety interlocked
  • ICP high density plasma source for high rate etching
  • Plasma source for isotropic etching
  • He backside cooling with mechanical clamp for DRIE
  • Additional MFC’s
  • Auto load/unload
  • Substrate cooling down to -20°C and heating up to 200°C
  • Spectroscopic End Point Detector
  • Electostatic chuck
  • 12" wafer chamber
  • Compound Semiconductors
  • GaAs sensor
  • Photonics
  • MEMS device fabrication
  • Deep trenches in silicon etching
  • Plasma dicing for advanced pakaging
  • Etching Visa for TSV fabrication
  • High precision motion sensors
  • Nano Scale etching and microfluidics
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