Wet Cleaning

Single Wafer

NANO-MASTER’s Single Wafer Cleaners (SWC) focus on providing the best possible cleaning capability while maintaining affordability. A standard system features a megasonic nozzle for DI water, independent chemical dispenses, ad drying performed by high speed spinning, an IR lamp, and blowing nitrogen. Our systems move the dispense arm using a patented motion which ensures that the megasonic energy and chemicals are evenly dispersed across the substrate. Depending on the application, further options such as a PVA brush, CO2 injection, or nitrogen ionization can be added to further enhance the tool’s cleaning capability.

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Large Substrate

NANO-MASTER's Large Substrate Cleaner (LSC) is a stand-alone cleaner which utilizes PC control for substrates up to 21" OD. A LabVIEW interface through a touch screen provides greater control compared to the SWC systems and allows for controlled access levels such as operators, process engineers, and maintenance. The LSC incorporates the same, patented megasonic technology and chemical dispenses as the SWC systems, but the combination of LabVIEW control and the larger process chamber support additional options such as ozonated water, high pressure water, pelliclized reticle cleaning, and piranha. Upon request, automatic handling with robotic load/unload configurations can be added.

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Pelliclized and Unpelliclized Reticle

The LSC-5000 is NANO-MASTER's latest reticle cleaner with state-of-art technology and functionality. With automatic robotic reticle load/unload, the LSC-5000 fully automates the cleaning process allowing a precise, uniform, and repeatable cleaning.

The LSC-5000 is capable of cleaning both the backside and the alignment marks on the front side of pelliclized masks, reducing the need for unnecessary removal and re-pelliclization of these masks. Megasonic cleaning and spin drying of the full front surface of the pelliclized mask is conducted without damage and seepage condensation on the pellicle. It is also capable of removing pellicle frame mounting adhesive and preparing surfaces for re-pelliclization.

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